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Dean roberts.


I am an experienced learning and education professional with a Master's from Bowling Green State University in Instructional Design. I am skilled in Computer Based Training Modules, Augmented and Virtual Reality Design, and Highly Technical Training Design. As an accomplished and professional musician and music teacher, I have a unique perspective on the creative side of learning design. The years I spent in the United States Air Force as an aircraft technician and in the civilian world as a skilled maintenance technician, have also lent me a technical lens through which I view the world. 

LearnXT is the culmination of 20 years in the technical training field. With a focus on highly skilled and  technical training, I offer a comprehensive learning experience that is engaging and interactive.

01 Instructional Design philosophy

My mission at LearnXT is to provide meaningful and innovative learning experiences that stick with learners long after the course has ended. I utilize emerging technologies to make instruction feel more like a game, where the learning happens naturally as part of the fun. My instructional design philosophy includes a strong focus on immersive and interactive experiences, with the use of technologies like XR/VR/AR. Reach out to me to learn more about how I can help you achieve your training goals with the latest in instructional design.


Please reach out to me with any questions about designing the right learning experience for your highly skilled tech team.

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